Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Street Art" à Paris

La ville de Paris est connu dans tout le monde pour les collections incroyables de peintures, de tableaux, de sculptures, et anciens objets.  Mais saviez-vous qu'il y a merveilleuse collection de "Street Art?"  Cette collection n'est pas disponible dans un musée, alors il faut savoir où la trouver!  (I have added English translations of the quotations below).

Les Visages
"Dans l'époque de "selfies", c'est une bonne chose à voir que les visages sont encore beaux."
"During the age of "selfies", it's a good thing to see that faces are still beautiful."
                                               -Zac Brooks

Les Oeuvres de Misstic
Misstic is a well-known Parisian street artist.  All of the works below can be found in La Butte aux Cailles quarter in the 13th arrondissement.  If you'd like to see more of her amazing works, her website is
"I break nothing except hearts."

"A man can hide another from it."
"Alert to the bomb."

"With love,  time passes quickly. With  time, it passes less often."
"In our secret gardens, desire is born."
Below, you can see a newly added "Je suis Charlie" stencil.

"I have the haziness of man."
This phrase doesn't translate well, because it is a jeu de mot (word play) in French.  The phrase "vague à l'homme" is pronounced nearly the same as "vague à l'âme", a phrase meaning a feeling of melancholy or sadness.  Thus, the "haziness of man" and "haziness of the soul" are one in the same.

"The abuse of pleasure is excellent for the health"
This is actually my favorite piece and quotation. It is located right outside the apartment that I lived in during the summer of 2013, so it always brings me nostalgia seeing it.
Les Animaux

Les Grandes Pièces

Une Collection Disparate

"Ça tire" means "that "that fires (a gun)".

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