Thursday, January 15, 2015

Le Coeur de Paris


         As I sat atop the Pont des Arts this morning, I saw life in a way I had never pictured before. This time, it was not the people walking in front or behind me; it was not the pets running alongside their masters; it was not the trees bustling in the wind on L'Île de la Cité. It was the Seine.
         Begotten before the city itself, its waters have been the life-blood of Paris. Thus, as I peered over the railing of the bridge, I began to imagine the plethora of ways the Parisians relied on the Seine. From transportation to sanitation, defense to beauty, this river has created and sustained it's most prized possession. 
         L'amour. What word more fully encompasses Paris? Ponder that which sprouts from love: religion, romance, fraternity. Now think to the Seine: Notre Dame, Pont des Arts, 14 Juillet. It's waters not only represent the life of Paris but also the soul. The Seine has been present at every mass in the history of Notre Dame; the Seine inspires couples to forever lock their love: the Seine has lead the Revolution and Resistance. This river, through which, with which, and in which love flows, has captivated minds and hearts for millennia (over two, to be exact). While the Seine flows, Paris lives.

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